Terms & Conditions


Site User: the person or entity who places a translation order via the website, by email or by any other method.

Document owner: the person named as the primary person in the document or for whom the document has been produced.

A2ZTranslate Ltd. : The company providing the translation services.

  1. The site user guarantees that the documents provided are true and accurate, and have not been altered from their original form in any way.
    1. Should a document provided by the site user be altered from its original form in any way A2ZTranslate Ltd. shall not be held liable for the accuracy of any translation provided by it.
    2. On all translations a statement shall be printed "This is a certified translation of the attached document. It does not establish the authenticity of the original or the correctness of the statement therein. CAUTION: Any person, who falsifies any particular on this document or uses it as true, knowing the original to be false or inaccurate, is liable to prosecution.
  2. All translations are bespoke projects. As such they are not recyclable, reusable or replicable in any manner.
    1. Any copying, editing or alteration of any translation provided by A2ZTranslate Ltd. shall render that translation invalid.
    2. A2ZTranslate Ltd. retains master versions of all certified translations issued. These are released on request to the relevant authorities upon a legitimate request.
    3. At no time will A2ZTranslate Ltd. release a copy of a translation to a third person or a non-NZ government authority without the express written permission of the document owner.
  3. All translation orders, once placed, are irrevocable. The translation order will be placed into the translation platform immediately, translator(s) will be assigned and an invoice issued in due course.
    1. The site user (the person, or in case of an entity (e.g. a company)) that places the translation order, shall be liable for all fees incurred for the translation, irrespective of whether the order has been placed on behalf of some other person or entity.
  4. A2ZTranslate Ltd. guarantees the accuracy of the translation services we provide. Should there be any translation errors, translation misinterpretations or translation omissions, A2ZTranslate Ltd. agrees to undertake corrections as required, at no charge, including any delivery fees incurred, except where:
    1. the language is in a non-Roman script, and the site user has not provided the accepted spellings of any proper nouns in the supplied document
    2. the document supplied by the site user has been altered from its original form
    3. the document supplied by the site user has, in part or in full, handwritten script
  5. Spellings of non-Roman scripts. From time to time we have seen documents produced (e.g. Driver’s Licences) where the English spelling of the person’s name differs from that of other documents (e.g. their passport).
    1. Where the name is spelled out on the master document to translate (e.g. Driver’s licence) in English, A2ZTranslate Ltd. must adhere to that spelling, irrespective of any other document spellings provided.
    2. Where this becomes an issue, A2ZTranslate Ltd. is more than happy to communicate with any authority, at A2ZTranslate Ltd’s convenience, that said document is being submitted to, in order to explain the vagaries of romanising non-Latin scripts.
    3. The site user accepts that A2ZTranslate Ltd. will not be held responsible or liable for, any decision regarding spelling of non-Roman scripts by any other authority.
  6. All translations will be despatched within the agreed time frame as specified on the order form
    1. A2ZTranslate Ltd. will provide full details to the site user of the delivery system used (courier, post etc. and any relevant tracking numbers) upon despatch.
    2. A2ZTranslate Ltd. retains master versions of all certified translations issued. These are released on request to the relevant authorities upon a legitimate request.
    3. A2ZTranslate Ltd. cannot be held liable for late delivery/failure of delivery by said delivery systems, and all delivery enquiries must be directed to the delivery system supplier as provided by A2ZTranslate Ltd.
  7. All fees incurred by the site user will be paid in full, by the specified method, prior to translation despatch.
  8. Should the site user not pay the specified fees within the agreed timeframe, A2ZTranslate Ltd. may withhold the completed translation.
  9. Should the site user not pay the specified fees within the agreed timeframe, A2ZTranslate Ltd. reserves the right to send the outstanding amount(s) to a collection agency of its own choice.
    1. A2ZTranslate Ltd. reserves the right to charge an overdue payment fee equivalent to its unsecured overdraft rate, compounding daily, on all overdue amounts
    2. The site user accepts that all collection fees charged by the collection agency, including any penalties or bank charges, are to be paid in full by the site user to said agency.
  10. The period of validity of any translation provided by A2ZTranslate Ltd. is limited to the validity of the original source document. Once a source document has passed its valid date (such as an expiry date on a driver’s licence), A2ZTranslate Ltd.’s translation of said document will also be expired.
  11. None of the rights, obligations or responsibilities mentioned here are transferable, between persons, entities or documents.
  12. The site user gives permission for A2ZTranslate Ltd. to hold all data (including copies of original documents and their translations) for a period of 12 calendar months from the original order. During this time, the site user may re-order additional copies at a fee.
    1. After 12 calendar months the site user's data may be deleted/destroyed at A2ZTranslate Ltd’s sole discretion.
    2. After 12 calendar months, if the site user requests a copy of the translation, a new translation (and subsequent fee) may be required.
  13. The site user agrees to A2ZTranslate Ltd. holding and maintaining all and any correspondence relating to the translation order (including but not limited to: emails, paper documents, quotes, invoices, receipts, bank records, despatch records, telephone recordings, meeting notes etc.) indefinitely.